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Classic car blue book is a compilation of statistics, market price and information about classic car values. This blue book and the values about old cars can be found on the internet easily or through some book store. There are plenty of links to free appraisal services and classic price guides.

The value of classic cars will increase consistently due to the demand and the supply is no longer there. Therefore, the blue book that you check out must be recently published or else the price might not be accurate. So, what kind of car categorized as classic car?

The History goes like this:

Brass Car -> Antique Car -> Vintage Car -> Classic Car

Brass Cars Era – During this period all cars’ chassis are made by wood, powered by steam engines and a lots of shinny brass trim. That is the reason why this automobile Era known as Brass Car Era.

Antique Cars Era – Here comes an Era that cars powered by gasoline engine and assembly line marked the Era. There were no vehicle safety and guideline to any automobile during this Era.

Vintage Cars Era –Vintage car comes after World War I. During 40’s to 50’s, the car productions in are much more bigger and better. The vehicle produced during this period is known as Vintage Car.

Classic Cars – Here comes Classic Car after World War II. The classic car era usually from 1960 to 1972, it began after war. The Classic Era began in 1960’s. There are a lot of cars has been produced from England, and US. All new Corvair, Ford, Chryslers’ Valiant, MG, Austin, Morris…etc. American build a lot of Big horse power cars to shows that the power of war was still there during this Era. This is the reason why we can see quite a number of 60’s American Muscle Car with V8 engine nowadays and the turbo is bigger and bigger throughout the years. These famous cars are like Camero, Firebird, Ford Mustang, Barracuda…etc. There is another famous car which categorized as Hot Rods & Roadsters.

Classic Car Era in America ends during 1970’s when Clean Air Act of 1970 practically disallowed the use of high performance engines and the oil embargo encourage consumers to conserve gasoline.

Here you can find out some classic car blue book online from NADA website: NADA. It gives you some guidance to entire price for Classic Car, Muscle Car, old car, Antique car, as well as some appraisals and values.

classic car
Classic Car
Classic Car
Classic Car


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