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Charity car auctions


Charity car auctions is no doubt a great place to look for nice cars from 500 dollars to 5000 dollars and at the same time car auctions is a great way to raise charity fund. It helps people who donated their car to these charities as they are able to claim tax deduction from IRS. On the other hand, it helps the charity to raise more funds by selling their cars through charity auctions and at the same time, it gives a chance to people with low budget to own a car. It is a win, win, and win situation.

The main purpose of charity auctions is to raise money for charity to help orphans, old folks home, social causes, disaster relief, or anyone need help. Among all charity auctions, car auctions always seems to be the one that has the highest demand and fastest way to raise fund.

Charity car auctions bring lots of benefits of anyone who involved including people who donated the car, people who successfully win in the bid, the charities, as well as people who work as volunteers for the auction. It is a big win for donators to donate the car to charity. Donators are able to avoid all the hassle to repair or sell off the used car they have and get tax deduction at the same time.

If you are in Texas, TEXANS CAN will be a good place to look for car auctions. The auctions held every week at morning. There are more than 100 cars available in the charity auctions and some cars are with warranties. The address is: 1911 E Division Street Arlington, TX 76011. In California, BLOK charity auto clearance will be a good choice.

Here you have some well-known charities in Minnesota that has car auctions once awhile. Make-A-Wish Children’s Charity Foundation or Disabled American Veterans is great place to drop by. You have to register as bidder to join the auction. Every month there are nice SUVs, family sedan cars, trucks, vans, and once a while classic cars for sale through the car auctions.


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