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How can we get cartoon cars drawn? How to draw a cartoon car? Drawing cartoon cars that look good and has the characteristic is not easy. It is not easy as many people had familiar the shape of a car. Anyhow, creativity is a must to draw cartoon cars, it will become something very smooth and easy after you had caught the steps. Here we will show out two simple examples to draw cartoon cars.

Example 1: Draw a simple cartoon car (from wikihow)

This is a very simple cartoon car, it can be drawn to a greeting card for cars lover or just plain bored when feel like to drawing. You can also check out these related information before you start your step by step drawing:

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Step 1: Simply draft out a rectangle as the body of the car, big or small depends on your preference.

draw cartoon cars step 1

Step 2: Draft out another smaller rectangle on top of the previous rectangle. This rectangle should be slightly curve for the front as it will be the main screen for the car.

draw cartoon cars step 2

Step 3: Here comes the cool wheel, you can just simply draft two small circles as the wheel on the bottom of the car (the rectangle in Step 1). Well, you can draw it bigger if you want a pimped out cars.

draw cartoon cars step 3

Step 4: Draw over the entire car outline with a marker pen or dark pen.

draw cartoon cars step 4

Step 5: Here you can add the headlights and bumper near to the front of the car. Usually some painter they will draw the bumper as teeth or mouth of a cartoon car.

draw cartoon cars step 5

Step 6: Draw windows of the car.

draw cartoon cars step 6

Step 7: Draw an exterior mirror, usually artists or painter will make it as the “ear” of a car.

draw cartoon cars step 7

Step 8: Draw out the car door, and door handle.

draw cartoon cars step 8

Step 9: Last step you can draw out some exhaust fumes near to car boot to show the car is moving. J

draw cartoon cars step 9

Example 2: Draw a cartoon car like Bettle (from drawingcoach.com)

Step 1: Draw out the car curves. Draw three curves as shown in the image below. The top or the larger curve will be car roof and back of the car. Another smaller curve will be the car hood.

cartoon car

Step 2: Draw the headlights and Body. Before the drawing, you have to define the front of the car first, whether you want it to look like VW Bettle, Morris Minor, or a Mini Cooper. You can easily place 2 headlamps to the front of the car, this circle should be place out side of the two curves you drawn in Step 1. These headlamps work as a guideline for you to know where to place the lines on the outside of the headlights. After this you have to connect the two lines that you just made outside of the headlights.

Step 2 to draw cartoon car

Step 3: Add the window. You can now draw the windows in any place or any order you like, again this is up to the cartoon cars you like to follow. Well, it could be a Mercedes or a BMW. Notice that every window are slightly different size, this will make the cartoon cars drawn look more realistic.

Step 3 to draw cartoon car

Step 4: Side mirrors added, well you can imagine it as a chrome side mirror or bullet side (round shape). Add them to both sides where a side mirror should be. You can now draw 2 rectangular yet curve shape from front to rear. This is to fit the wheels of the car later. Draw another rectangle in front of the car where under the two headlights drawn in step 2 to be the front bumper.

Step 4 to draw cartoon car

Step 5: Now you can pimp your car again by draw out the wheel. The front wheel have to be bigger than the rear wheel. You can draw it follow the style of the wheels you like, either is Enkei or may be Volk racing rim. To be a little bit more creative, you can add a curve at the back of the car with a little circle on top to create the antenna for the car, this can shows the cartoon cars own a radio! Next, draw another 2 rectangles at back of the car to create real light for break light, signal light, and the rear bumper. Also, draw another simple oval shape to be the door handles, you will only need to draw 1 if you prefer a two-seater cartoon car, else 2.

Step 5 to draw cartoon car

To add some fun to the car, you can draw 2 rounded rectangles where it will be the license plate of the car. You can then draw the grill of the car just above it.

3 tips when you draw cartoon cars

  • Remember to let your curves flow or run naturally. If you are a beginner, try some practice curves on a piece of scrap paper before go into real drawing. This will allow you to get it eventually! Curve plays an important part when drawing cartoon cars, the quality of your curves defines the quality of a good cartoon car.
  • Draw lightly with your pencil when you start draft out the car so that when any matter happen, you can clean it up or erase any ugly unwanted lines easily.
  • To pimp out the car, or to give the wheel some thickness, you can first draw a small straight line that extends from the lowest part of the larger oval (outer line of the wheel). Next, draw a curve that matches the curve of that oval starting from the end of the straight line that you just made. The bigger gap between these 2 ovals, the thicker wheels it will carry out out for the car.

Well, cartoon cars drawn somehow come in all different shape and it is mostly depends on personal creativity, you can just use these example to start your own drawing, and then try experimenting with different shapes of your own imagination!


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