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Cars are just like human body, it will give some symptoms when some parts are having trouble. Understand some general car trouble symptoms can roughly tell which parts is having problem. Once you have know the answers and root problem that cause the car run improper, it is very easy to find solution. Here we break down the symptoms to drivability, symptoms that can be heard, can be felt, can be smelled, and can be seen.

Symptoms can be seen

1. Fluids leaking. Symptoms that can be seen are usually easiest to solve. Oil or fluids leaking is the most common symptoms can be seen. If you see some fluids on the floor in the morning underneath the car, mostly are transmission fluid leak. Check the fluid level and it can be fixed by replacing the oil seal.

2. Exhaust smoke color. Black color smoke indicates the car needs tuning because the fuel system is giving too much fuel. White color smoke indicates blown head gasket, cracked cylinder block, and crack head.

Symptoms can be felt

1. Brake fade. When you feel the stopping distance seems to increase or it takes longer time to stop the car when you try to stop the car.

2. Engine problems. Engine shakes, stops running, dies out, temporary complete loss of power, little or no increase in speed when accelerator is pushed, are all engine problem symptoms.

Drivability symptoms

1. Vibration when braking. If you feel the steering wheel vibrate when braking the car, it indicates problem on car front end. Problems could be the front brakes, misalignment of front brake pad and front disc.

2. Excessive play on steering. Having difficulty to steer, must be turned unusually far before vehicle responds, feel free play on steering, vehicle move one sides when steering wheel is released, the car shakes are all symptoms deal with suspension, steering rods, and steering racks. More details can be found in: diagnose car trouble, diagnose a car problem online.

Symptoms can be heard

1. Drive shaft. Underneath give some sounds like “Krock Krock Korck” when you turn left or turn right. It is most probably drive shaft trouble.

2. Battery or Starter problem. When you turn the ignition on but the car can’t start. You hear only clicking sound from the engine bay, mostly is either the battery or starter gone wrong. Check in details car engine won’t start.

3. Transmission symptoms. The transmission makes noises when the car shifts between gears or when the car speed up or slow down. This indicates the transmission is having problem.

Symptoms can be smelled

1. Air conditioning problems. Bad smell come out from the air condition blower or air with mildew odor indicates that the air conditioning system has a drain pan problem. Click here to see more about car air conditioning problems and solutions.

2. Fuel or burn smell. If you smell fuel, check on the fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulator, fuel lines, fuel cap, and anything related to fuel system. If you smell something burn like plastic or rubber, stop the car and check the brake system, transmission systems, as well as wiring systems. Keep return to this article for more updated car trouble symptoms.


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