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dog car seat covers

Here you can find A-list of cheap car seat covers for dogs for sales with discount. We list out the top 10 seat covers according to comfortable, price, and quality. Buying a car seat covers for your dogs or cats can keep your car seat from damages cause by animal’s paw or excreta from dogs. Check out the list now so that you can keep your car clean and hair free!

  1. Try Hammock Pet/Dog/Cat Car Seat Cover with waterproof. It is available for sales in most of car accessories shop as well as online car accessories stores. Hammock is usually available for sales from $12 to $19.90. For DG DLX Travel Hammock, it is $89.95.
  2. Another type we would recommend is the Guardian Gear Cargo Cover. It is best suitable for SUVs or Pickup trucks.
  3. If you look for cheap one for dogs or cats or any pets, you can try Bergan Poncho Car Seat Protector Cover SGL DX from just $12.90. For rear seat protector cover, Bergan offer only $24 dollars.
  4. Doggie Car Seat by Porky’s Pet Products is another brand you can consider. It features a soft removable fleece pad.
  5. Other than car seat covers, you can try KYJEN Outward Hound or KURGO Backseat Barrier Safety Dog/Kids if you need a front seat safety barrier. It can keep your pets from sliding through to the front seat during emergency braking.

You should choose the seat covers depends on your usage as well as the size of your dog. Hammock style is always one of the most recommended. Choose those easy to install or quick-fit bench seat covers. Put “waterproof” as one of the main consideration especially when you are going for long journey. There are several types of animal car seat covers you can choose such as Bench Style Covers, Deluxe Back Seat Car Covers, Seat Protectors, Cargo Area Liners, Dog Beds, and Seat Saver.


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