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Car Jokes – The Racing Tractor


Mr. Jay feeling very happy and get a little drunk at his company dinner. He drove away his Mercedez-Benz SLS AMG Roadster after the dinner. On his way home, there is an old man with a break-down tractor wave hand in front of him. Mr. Jay then stopped the car and asked what is happened. The old man said his tractor is break-down and asked for his help. Mr. Jay is in good mood and therefore he agreed to give a hand to this old man.

Mr. Jay tied a string from his Mercedes-Benz to the tractor. He told the old man, “I don’t know where you want to go, but you can give me sign. If you turn on the tractor’s left signal, it means you asked me to stop. If you turn on the tractor’s right signal, it means you asked me to continue the journey.” Both of them agreed with these terms and therefore they are on their journey.

Mr. Jay drove the car in very low speed because he has to tow the tractor behind. Out of sudden, a Ferrari 458 Italia over take them with high speed. Mr. Jay was very angry and said “Never has a car able to overtake my Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster!” He is a little bit drunk and forgot he has a tractor behind him. He was then step on his gas paddle and tried to follow the Ferrari.

A policeman noticed both of their cars when they are racing with each other at high speed. The policeman is unable to stop them. He brings up his walkie-talkies to inform the police at next station. He said “Hey, there are two cars racing illegally, a Ferrari 458 and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster… Oh no! It is three cars racing illegally. There is another tractor follow at the back of the Mercedes-Benz, giving left signals trying to overtake them…”


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