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Here is your delicious top 10 used and new car buying strategies that will help you to save up some money when buying a used or new car. These strategies are wonderful and helpful in any kind of situation. Always remember do not make the deal too fast, a good deal regularly involve a lot of negotiation between buyer and seller, good negotiation skills and some special strategies is needed. This is to help you get a better deal, better price, and also a little bit more extra car accessories than others do.

Impractically the buying strategies are easy from reading, but it can be nerve-wracking and complicated during the process. Anyhow, it is not so difficult if you prepare your homework well and get the all the tips before you go to bargain.

What to worry when buying a new car are the sales after service, the reliability of the car, and also the car spare parts price for future. On the other hand, what needs to be considered when buying a used car is the previous record for the car, whether it has any major accident before, any court case or legal issue on the car, the car spare parts availability, and you need to know what to check when buying used cars. No matter buying a new car or used car, you will still need to read the car buying strategies. Let’s check out both top 5 strategies we shared here.

Top 5 new car buying strategies

1. Extended Warranties

It is often that car dealer always ask their customer to extend the warranty. It may sounds good to you as it may just add in couple of dollars to your month car payment (see also calculate a monthly car payment), but thinks properly, does it really useful to you? Do you really need that? Some car manufacturer offer five-years/60,000-mile while some had offered five-year/100,000-mile for engine warranties. Always remember you have the option to purchase the extended warranties later if you really feel your car needs that.

2. Extra Car Accessories

Every car dealer always promotes to give out extra car accessories such as body kit, sport rims, tinted and among others to attract buyer. It is good to walk through few different dealers and ask for more extra accessories so that you will not go home with empty hand.

3. Get best rebate when buying a new car

The true dealer cost is not the invoice price. This is because the dealer prices are full of all hidden profits. It makes the dealer invoice prices often thousands of dollars higher than the actual cost. Therefore, get the bottom price of a new car and look for rebate!

4. Avoid car dealer’s scam

Car dealer always encourage buyer to add on stain protection for the seats and floors. They will tell you the price to protect the fabric and seats cost hundreds of dollars. It is a normal price at the dealership, but you can get a Scotchgard Auto Interior Fabric Protector from Wal-Mart for just US$10. Other than that, rust proof service is another extra service that needs to pay extra money. you will have to think twice that rust is usually not a problem for new car.

5. Maintenance Plans

The maintenance plans is another car buying strategies that buyer will have to aware. It is ordinary car dealer will allure buyer how good is a maintenance plans to keep their car go smooth. Compare the dealer’s maintenance price with outside shop before you sign the plan.

Top 5 used car buying strategies

1. Get lowest car loan rates

Car loan for used car is often a little bit higher than new car. It doesn’t means you will have to pay a lot more than new car, you can still look for any car loan company who specially provide used car loan and there you can get a good rate.

2. Knowing the reason of selling

Knowing the main reason why the seller sells the car is good when buying a used car. Try to look for “Urgent sale”. There are always few reasons for urgent car sale. Some are bad history cars but seller tried to use “urgent sales” to trick some buyer. You need to look for are those who really urgently need cash and force to sell off their vehicle, and then you can bargain and get a very good dealing price.

3. Use compares strategy

Do not make the decision at the first car you view. Always make comparison with few others to choose for the best.

4. Check the insurance price

Insurance for an older car is usually higher than new car, thus you will have to check the insurance price for the car you are buying. Bargain with insurance company if the car you are buying is still able to get comprehensive car insurance (check out what is comprehensive car insurance)

5. Bargain the price

Used car are always imperfect, it is hardly to find a perfect used car. Therefore you can find out some imperfect places such as small scratches, lost badge or decals, fade body color and some other things to reduce the price from seller.

In a nut shell, read more about the golden rules, the art of the deal and car buying strategies.


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