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Cadillac quality issues in the 1980s


Cadillac quality issues in the 1980s have brought up a huge hullabaloo among automobile industries and all carsenthusiast. During 1980s, 2 Americans luxury car brands battled for supremacy. General Motors is the builder of Cadillacs and Ford Motor Company is the builder of Lincolns, both corporate prestige rested upon which automaker sold the most models each year. Both Cadillac and Lincolns quality issues has become a good point to study, and to bring automobile industry to a better quality for all sort of cars in the future.

For many years, an oblique battle was raised and no one knew for sure who is the sale winner was until well into January; that is when the final sales tallies were released. Until today, luxury car market has changed dramatically, that the storied battle between the two automakers no longer matters, it has became history.

During 1980s, Both Cadillac and Lincoln have had their share of qualify issues over the years for American Quality Problems. Cadillac once sold re-badge Chevy Cavaliers as Cimmarrons and this has brought a lot of brand confusion to the market. On the other hand, Lincoln’s models have failed to capture the imagination of potential buyers as well. This has made European brands gain more reputation as many of European’s cars were considered to be better engineered, better built, better fuel efficient and as luxurious as American brands. All these quality issues were happened in 1980s, look at the Top 10 most Fuel-Efficient Used Cars today and things has changed.

A list of issues that brought the changes:

Number of competition
During the 80s or before that, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW were minor players for luxury car in automobile market. Honda (known as Acura in some country as luxury Honda), Toyota, Nissan were nonexistent Japanese brands created during 80s and above. Besides, Audi, Jaguar, Volvo has also join in the competition and makes it really heats up.

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Higher average income for American family has also one of the issues. Some of the American will prefer other choices or other brand while their income level has surged over the past 2 decades. Their question is “Why Cadillac?”

Lincoln vs Cadillac quality

During 1950s to 1980s, two luxury car giants for market supremacy are most expected by all car enthusiasts in American motoring, which are Lincoln and Cadillac. Cadillac has made dramatic improvements over the past 20 years even though lot competitor has outsold Cadillac today, but Lincoln has not. Most Lincoln vehicles sold today are simply re-skinned Fords cars. Cadillac has been developing and successfully marketing new car models and they are quite unique to the brand.

Both Lincoln and Cadillac competed for luxury car leadership in America and whole world, but that has become history.



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