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Amusement park bumper cars for sale


Here are some tips to find amusement park bumper cars for sale. Majority people think that bumper cars from amusement park is cheap but sometimes they are more expensive than expected. However, there is always an alternative to buy cheap used bumper cars. This is because amusement park change their car once in few years time for safety purpose.

bumper cars on road
Bumper cars were founded almost a century ago in late 1920s, they are also known as dodgem cars or dodgems. Bumper cars are powered by electric through the floor or and/or ceiling. Each car is surrounded by rubber bumper and these rubber bounce off when two cars crash into one another. Bumper cars are simply loved by people from 5 years old to 50 years old.

Majestic is one famous bumper car manufacturer. A two-seater bumper car cost from $4000 to $5000 depending on the purchase quantity. Some bumper car dealers sell it in a bulk. For example, $25,000 for six electric-powered bumper cars.

Due to the fun and popularity of bumper cars, there are many vintage bumper cars for sale. Some of the vintage bumper cars in very good condition will hit over USD$100,000 while some just few hundred dollars. There are also some bumper cars enthusiast buy a bumper car from amusement park and convert them into street-legal bumper cars with wheels to ride on the road.

An easy way to buy bumper car is to go to the amusement park auction individually. You will get a cheap ride whenever there are less bidders. You can then convert it to street legal bumper cars like what Tom Wright did, display it at home, office, or simply collect it. If the car is a vintage bumper car, the value will always appreciate. There are many people collect bumper cars as an investment. Another great place to look for bumper cars for sale is to go through online auctions, it saves you a lot of time while you can just surf through the websites with clear pictures. There are some famous websites like italintl.com and vendingconnection.com are good place to hunt for cheap sales.


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