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5 ways to protect and save your car from flood


Due to the unexpected flood happened in Thailand lately, here we share the top 5 ways to protect and save your car from flood. Flood water can damage a car in less than 5 to 10 minutes depends on the water level. Therefore, it is nothing to lose to learn up all these precious and easy tips to save your car from flood water. Many cars have been declared “dead” due to the heavy flood in Thailand and most of the car insurance will not compensate if it is “Act of God”.

 1. Drive and park your car at higher ground

This is common sense, but many people did not do it until the flood came. Check out the news and predict when the flood water will come to your town. Park your car at higher ground or higher level before that happen could save it from flood damage. Condominium or any building which has multi-level car park is the best. If there is no way to park the car at higher ground, you can lift up the car a little higher with car jack and use bricks or car stand to hold the car higher.
Protect car from flood water

2. Block the exhaust pipe

When the water level goes up, the first thing it will attack is the exhaust pipe because most of the modern cars today placed exhaust at the back and it is the lowest place where water can go in. Find anything that can block the exhaust and prevent the water from going in. Before doing this, park the car at a safe place. Once the exhaust has been block, it is not recommend to start or to use the car anymore. 

3. Remove the car battery

How to remove car battery
Car battery have positive terminal (+ve) and negative (-ve). If both touch the electric system in the car will get short circuit. Now locate where the car battery is in your car and remove it before the flood water come. The correct way to remove a car battery is first remove positive (+ve) terminal connectors and then negative (-ve) terminal connectors.

4. Remove the ECU

An engine control unit (ECU) is a piece of small computer, electronic look-a-like chips set that work as a “brain” or computer to determines the amount of fuel, ignition timing, and some other jobs that keeps the car running. The car could damage if water goes into the ECU. If there is no way you can drive your car up hill or higher ground, remove the ECU can save the car in flood. Locate the ECU in the car. It usually located at somewhere under the car hood, under the dashboard, or sometimes under the dash in front of the front passenger seat. Here is an example of how an ECU look like in a 2007 Honda Civic.
Locate ECU in a car

5. Save car in flood – wrap it up!

Now, it is the last and most powerful way to protect and save your car in flood. In case there is no way else to go, you can wrap it up like wrapping a birthday present to someone else. Prepare a piece of canvas that can protect water. It must be big enough to cover the car. Place it on the flood at the place where you want to save the car in flood. Drive the car onto it, and wrap the car up. Before doing this, u can block the exhaust pipe, remove the car battery and ECU. Then you can save it in flood. Here is a picture of how to wrap the car and protect it from flood. You can use a better or thicker canvas that can 100% prevent water from touching the car body.
how to save car in flood


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