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5 symptoms of worn automatic transmission


Here are the 5 symptoms of worn automatic transmission. Some of these car symptoms can be felt, can be seen, and can be hear. All these symptoms tell that the transmission is failing and actions have to be taken. Sometimes it may just car owner did not follow the car maintenance schedule and forget to replace the transmission oil. Read up these top 5 symptoms of worn automatic transmission and you may save the cost to repair the gear box.

1. Feel discomfort of abnormal shock

symptoms of worn A/T - abnormal shock
The car can sometimes go like bumper car with abnormal shock. This is a sign that the transmission of a car is fail.

2. Feel the car is under power

Another sign of automatic transmission is the car has very weak power or under power. A transmission that fails may cause the car doesn’t feel powerful like when it is new.

3. Bad fuel consumption

When a car goes from 35mpg to 25mpg, something must be wrong. When the car drink petrol more like human drinking water, something isn’t right. It could probably cause by the transmission failure. We advice to send the car to nearest workshop or check when was the latest date the automatic transmission fluid changed.

4. Hear weird noise from the transmission

symptoms of worn A/T - weird noise
Strange noise, weird noise, or any unusual sound from the transmission indicates the failure of the transmission. “Kueg Kueg”, “Kark Kark” or whatsoever it is, it is time to bring the car to car doctor.

5. Hard for gear shifting

Feeling hard for gear shifting or the transmission slips between gears means the transmission is wearing out. Other than that, failing to shift the transmission to any gear or only able to shift the gear into one direction (either moving forward with “D” or backward with “R”) also a symptom of worn automatic transmission.

If a car has any symptoms of worn automatic transmission mentioned above, it is recommended bringing it for a checking at any mechanic shop. Changing the automatic transmission fluid is cheap but if it is too late, the cost to change the entire gearbox will be expensive. See also some other car trouble symptoms here.


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