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2008 Ford Edge oil specifications


2008 Ford Edge
2008 ford edge oil specifications is available here in detail for the only Ford Edge model that available in the market which is U387. This car model was first launched in year 2006 and then available in sport version during year 2008. The Ford Edge Sport begin the sales as 2009 model that come with 20-inch wheels and 22-inch wheels as optional, isn’t it as cool as pimped out cars?

All 2008 Ford Edge models are powered by 3,496 cc (3.496 Liter) V6 engine that produce 265 bhp. Ford Edge Sport has shared the same engine as well. A standard six-speed 6F automatic transmission has placed to the car. Here we shared the detail of 2008 Ford Edge engine and the oil specifications. Make sure you use the correct oil or else the car engine won’t start.


3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V-6

Manufacturing Location

Lima Engine Plant, Ohio


60 degree V-6, aluminum block and heads

Intake Manifold

Composite, split plenum

Exhaust Manifold

Cast Iron


Forged steel


6,700 rpm

Idle Speed in Drive

620 rpm (640 with trailer tow package)

Throttle Body

65mm, electronic


DAMB, 4 valves per cylinder, intake variable camshaft timing

Valve Diameter

Intake: 37mm; Exhaust: 31mm


High temperature cast aluminum alloy with low-friction coated skirts, low tension rings

Connecting Rods

Cracked powder metal


Pencil Coil

Bore x stroke

3.6 x 3.4 in/ 92.5 x 86.7 mm


213 cu in/ 3.496 cc

Compression ratio



265 @ 6,250 rpm

Horsepower per liter



250 lb.-ft. @ 4,500 rpm

Recommended fuel

87 Octane

Fuel capacity

19 gallons FWD, 20 gallons AWD

Fuel Injection

Sequential multi-port fuel injection

Emission Control

Closed loop with catalyst

Emissions (tailpipe/evaporation)

Federal standards

Fed: Tier II/Bin5, LEV II

California standards

Calif : ULEV II

Oil Capacity

5.5 quarts, with filter (see also gasoline price history)

Recommended Oil

GF4, 5W-20

Ford Edge concept

According to Ford Motor Company Timeline, the HySeries version of Ford Edge is a concept car and it is estimate to be debut in the market as 2010 model. It is expected to use a new hybrid system from Ford that pair with electric motor, off course, with a V6 engine as well. In terms of performance wise, Ford Edge’s powered by the V6 engine that deliver 265 bhp is a new concept to challenge the mid-size crossover automobile market.

Ford edge oil specifications

Recommended engine oil: GF4, 5W-20

Alternative engine oil: SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

Recommended power steering oil: Currently N/A. Please consult your dealer.

Recommended brake oil: Currently N/A. Please consult your dealer.

Recommended gear box oil: Currently N/A. Please consult your dealer.

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