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2005 BMW M3 convertible owners manual


2005 BMW M3 convertible

This is free online edition of 2005 BMW M3 convertible owner’s manual for Part-No. 01 41 0 158 515 from BMW AG. It is available in PDF version. It is a must for BMW M3 convertible owners because it has useful information that owners may not even aware about it. Thorough familiarity with the car will definitely provide the driver with enhanced control and security when driving it. The owner’s manual consists of 174 pages and cover everything about the M3 from A to Z. The content has included:

  • Basic maintenance and repair
  • Parts and accessories
  • Service and warranty
  • Things inside the car: Dashboard symbols, indicator and warning lamps, instrument cluster, buttons in steering wheel, hazard warning triangle (this is seldom use for a M3), refueling, fuel specifications, safe seating position, car seats, power seat adjustment, head restraints, safety belt, seat and mirror memory, seat heating, mirrors, alarm systems, electric power windows, convertible top (this is important because the cost to repair the M3 convertible top is expensive), wind deflector, vehicle memory, key memory, and airbags information.
  • Electronics: Wiring diagrams, fuse box diagrams, odometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, clock, and computer inside the car.
  • BMW technology: Park Distance Control (PDC), Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), Flat tire monitor, M engine dynamics control, brake force display, and automatic climate control system. The manual also covers special operating instructions for break-in procedures and Antilock Brake System (ABS). All these information only can be found in the M3 manual.
  • Lamps: parking lamps, low beams, high beams, instrument lighting, front fog lamps, interior lamps, and reading lamps.
  • Wheels and tires: tire inflation pressure, reading the tire code, condition, and snow chains. See also simple ways to take care of your tire.

The owner’s manual also include some standard information such as the steps to start and off the engine, safety driving, passenger safety system, engine oil, and car maintenance. Click here to download it for free: 2005 BMW M3 convertible owners manual.


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