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1995 Mini Tartan a.k.a Mini Sidewalk


1995 Mini Tartan

This immaculate 1995 Mini Tartan a.k.a Mini Sidewalk is belong to a member of Malaysiaminilover. He, who is a kind man, is sharing some of the private bikini photos of this car to our portal. Mini Tartan is one of the most dazzle MK6 Minis. It was launched in June 1995 and the production is limited to only 1,000 units for the UK market. In Japan, Tartan is an unfamiliar name for Mini collectors. Japanese are more familiar to the name “Sidewalk” which refer to the same car.

1995 Mini Tartan aka Mini Sidewalk

Mini Tartan is based on the Mini Sprite (produced from 1992 – 1996) but it has been tartaned. The car features many special things that other Minis do not have. Special Tartan decals are nicely placed at both rear flank of the car and at the boot. The black Tartan shared here is not completely original therefore there are no Tartan decals at the rear flank and boot.

1995 Mini Tartan

Inside, it features blue tartan trimmed car seats with red seat belts and door upholstery. The feeling is like riding a Mini inScotland! Wooden dashboard, standard radio/cassette player, air-conditioning (for models export to Japan a.k.a Mini Sidewalk), and a mini steering with tartan decals are the features for this car.

1995 Mini Tartan interior
Interior of a Mini Tartan/Mini Sidewalk

In 1995, the Tartan is priced at £5,895 when it was new. Three exterior colors were available for buyers to choose during that time include Charcoal metallic, Kingfisher Blue, and White Diamond. The black one showed here is repainted.

1995 Mini Tartan seat
Tartan style car seats

1995 Mini Tartan Mini Sidewalk

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