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1970 Dodge police cars


In 1970s there are many cool police cars used by police department. 1970 Dodge police cars such as Dodge Polara, Dodge Coronet are the famous one among others. Dodge was chosen to be the police cars because of the tough body and the performance during the 70s attract the police department to use it as police car.

There were many great police cars back in 70s but nothing has got the same feeling as the Dodge Polara that fitted with a 413. The Dodge Polara, able to manage a quarter mile in only 15 seconds and with a top speed of 129 mph. With these performances, no doubt it has become one of the main choices to be police cars.

1970 Dodge Coronet 440 in California is one of the most marvelous dodge police cars made in ’70s. The car was fitted with 440 Magnum V8 that able to produce more than 400 horsepower. During 1968 through 1971, a two-door limited edition called Dodge Super Bee was produced based on the Coronet and that has become one of the greatest 1970 Dodge muscle cars all time.

Dodge has been a reputable car to use as police cars throughout the years until today. Fast forward to recent years, some famous Dodge police cars are Dodge Viper and Dodge Challenger.

In early days, police cars did not equipped with cage or barrier to separate police officer from offender and most of the time the prisoner just sit alongside the officer while they were transported to another location. However, it stills an era where some cool police cars were produced especially for Dodge.


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