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Top 10 Drift Cars

Whether you are a drifter, a drifter-wanna be, or a new comer who wants to get a drift car and learn to drift, the list of top 10 drift cars here are for you. Some of the cars here are used by world’s best drifter and have won a number of victories and championships. However, a good drift car to a drifter may not be good for you, you will have to check out the top 10 here and find one car that fall into your grips best, and then …

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Top 10 Car Rental Companies

In the car rental market, there are too many car rental companies can be found from A to Z. Some provide really good services while some provide bad cars with expensive charges especially to tourist. In our life often we fall in the situation where we need car rental. Either we rent a car during our holiday, wedding ceremony, temporary job relocation, or as a replacement when own car is under repair. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a car from car rental companies with good reputation to avoid such …

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Top 10 most beautiful cars of 2011 Part 2

“Looks Do Matter”, it applies for both beautiful girls and beautiful cars on this planet. This is part 2, to see part 1, please click here “Top 10 most beautiful cars of 2011 part 1“.

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Top 10 most beautiful cars of 2011

“Looks Do Matter”, it applies for both beautiful girls and beautiful cars on this planet. Here we shared the list of top 10 most beautiful cars of 2011 with details and pictures voted by our readers. Most of these cars come with special shape, different ways of door opening, and most important, they are beautiful and definitely head turners everywhere they go.

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Top 10 Best Compact Cars

Here are the top 10 best compact cars of all time. “Best” in terms of best to drive, best to buy, best rated, safest, and best value for money. Most of the compact cars available in the market are priced under $20,000. Anyone with this budget can certainly get a nice car without any doubt. See also five best compact car models.

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Top 10 Sports Cars

It’s a beautiful day today, Angelina is going to share everyone the hottest and coolest top 10 sports cars. Some of these sports cars already cool when they do nothing but just squat on the road. This list is compiled in 2011 through the voting from MalaysiaMiniLover readers. Enjoy!