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Top ten box cars

Design is limitless whether in clothing, automobile, or many other things in life. There are famous automobile designer who creates well-known cars with extraordinary outlook. Giorgetto Giugiaro is one to be mentioned. He is a famous Italian automobile designer who designed some notable cars including the De Lorean DMC-12, Ferrari 250 GT Bertone, Ford Mustang Giugiaro, Lotus Esprit for James Bond and the 1993 Lexus GS. Luc Donckerwolke who brings the 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0, 2002 Lamborghini Murciélago,

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Top 10 cars appreciate over the time – part 2

This is part two of top 10 cars appreciate over the time, please click here to view part 1.

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Top 10 cars appreciate over the time

A car depreciates every second the moment it is driven out of a show room. However, there are some great cars that appreciate after some time. These often are cars with limited production or cars that are no longer could not find in the market. The logic is pretty simple, when the demand grows higher and higher and the supply is very long or no longer there, the price will boost high. Let’s check out these top 10 cars that appreciate over the time.
1. Enzo Ferrari

As we mentioned above, limited …

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Top 10 coolest Japanese cars from the ‘80s

Do you believe that where you born and when you born give a different kind of life? If you are born after ‘90s, you stand the chance to ride on some of the latest exotic cars like Audi R8, Nissan Skyline GTR, or Ferrari 458 Italia. Imagine those people who drive in the ‘80s, they do not have all these latest sports cars or even iPhone of iPad, but they do have something that we did not have. Here we worked out the list of top 10 coolest Japanese cars …

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10 supercars with 10 super football stars

Exotics and supercars are big man’s toy, and that is true for big man who makes good living with tons of extra money. Football stars are the best proof that supercars are big man’s toy. As we all know, famous football stars including David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney make millions of dollars each of every year and they can definitely splash millions on cars they like. However, when money is no longer the concern, taste and choice are indeed important. Let’s see the top 10 supercars that own …

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Top 10 best selling cars in Malaysia (2011)

Although Thailand and Malaysia are close neighbour, the top 10 best selling cars in Malaysia and top 10 best selling cars in Thailand are totally two different stories. The story different is because the author is different. Different kind of cars needed for different road structure, different usage, and off course, different enjoyment. The 2011 top 10 list here are base on the total number of car sales in 2011.