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The First Bricklin Concept Car

If you are big fans of the Bricklin SV-1 car, you really have to know how the first Bricklin concept car looks like, how it was planned, and what it takes for Malcolm Bricklin to build this legendary car. Although Bricklin SV-1 is the only Bricklin car, it was considered as a great contribution to automobile industry especially sports cars lovers.

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World’s First Concept Car

Have you ever wonder what is the world’s first concept car and when was the first concept car debut? If you ever go to any major auto show and see different kind of cool concept cars, have you ever think why sometimes these cars did not went into production? There are many reasons behind and we will have to trace everything back to its root, back to the first concept car in the world, the 1938 Buick Y-Job.

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The first Mini car

Where is the first Mini car? The first Mini car is always the most interesting car for every Mini or MINI owner. This is because without the first one, it won’t have the last one at 5,387,862. One of the biggest successes for Mini is the car model designs remains relatively untouched for almost half century and it still love by enthusiasts until today.

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First time car buyer programs

Here is your advice for first time car buyer programs and tips to buy cars with great discounts from car dealers with first time buyer programs. It could anytime help you to save up a lot of money if you buy your first car at the right time, right place, and right dealer. There are mainly three things to keep in mind for first time buyer which are the MSRP price, car loan APR, and the car insurance price.

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First car ever made

The automobile history begins in 1600s and first ever made car is a steam-propelled car designed by Ferdinand Verbiest in 1672 in China. As the vehicle was only 65 cm long and it is not designed to carry human passengers, therefore some car enthusiasts did not strictly recognize Verbiest’s designed as a car. However, the definition of car is a vehicle with four wheels and can be propelled by any power, thus this vehicle is known as the Verbiest’s car as well as the first car ever made.

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World’s first car insurance policy

The world’s first car insurance policy was issued in Dayton, Ohio in 1897. Throughout most of the twentieth century, the city of Detroit, Michigan was synonymous with American automobile manufacturing. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, that was not the case. Instead, Ohio innovators in Cleveland and elsewhere were at the forefront of this new form of transportation technology.