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Jeep Cars Weight

Here is the list of Jeep cars weight and Jeep cars Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). If you are wondering how much does my car weigh and you own any Jeep cars, this is exactly the answer of what you are finding. The weight shown here is in lbs but you can simply convert it to KG by using lbs x 0.4535. GVWR is the maximum recommended weight for a vehicle. The weight of Jeep models here available for model year from 2006 to 2011 and the list here will …

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Muscle Car Artwork

Find a list of unprecedented muscle car artwork here. These muscle car artworks are free to download and you can print it to t-shirts, bags, recycle bags, or any place you would like to show off these artworks. Other than artwork, you can also find some of the coolest 60s and 70s muscle cars and muscle car wallpaper here.

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Advice about car leasing

Here is a list of tips and advice about car leasing that you must listen to if you are looking for the most honest car leasing advice. These advices not only give you a good guide and lead you to the best car leasing but also help you to avoid car dealer’s scam as well as high leasing interest rate. A penny saved is a penny earned, 1% differences can bring a huge saving in the end of the day.

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How leasing a car affects qualifying for a home mortgage?

Car leasing always has direct affects to home mortgage qualification. This is because the loan amount allowed for any mortgage is depending on the borrower’s monthly income. If a huge part of the monthly income has gone to car leasing, the chances to get bigger loan amount is lesser.

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Car leasing for bad credit

Here are some of the brilliant tips about car leasing for bad credit. Be calm and need no worry if you are looking for car leasing but with bad credit. Catch some of the useful tips here and all you need to do is to go through some hassle process to obtain car leasing loan for bad credit.