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The death of the hero Proton Wira

Proton Wira was born in 1993 as the official second son of Malaysian car maker Proton. It serves the country very well for 15 years and it is almost the only car for most of the youngster inMalaysia to pick up their girls in the ‘90s. Wira is means hero in Malay language. The price, performance, and the reliability of the car make it a real hero for the market. Why such a good car deceased in 2007 and replace with Proton Gen-2?

What about the outlook? When the Proton Wira …

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Car Jokes: Kia Suzuki Merger

Well, it’s Sunday. Let’s have some car jokes about KIA and SUZUKI and don’t get so serious about loan, finance, or reviews on any cars.
A Singaporean billionaire did a research on KIA cars and Suzuki cars. The results is now out. Majority people love Peter Schreyer’s design. They want a car that has the outlook of KIA but they prefer to have the power of Suzuki. This has sparked his mind to merge these two car brand. He then set up a joint venture company in Singapore with the purpose …

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Refinance car loan for a home

Lately, we received an email from Nong Min who is currently paying 10,000 baht (roughly US$318) for her monthly car payment. Nong Min would like to buy a house for herself but she is facing some difficulty to obtain a new home loan because the monthly car payment has taken up nearly 1/3 of her monthly income. At the same time, she doesn’t have much savings to pay the down payment for the house. She is seeking for some advices after reading one of our previous articles “Refinancing car loans …

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What is unregistered cars and what is recon cars?

Most of the first time car buyer or inexperience buyer must have come across “unregistered car for sale” when searching for the dream car. Often, these cars tend to have attractive price and it is usually lower then new car price. What does unregistered really means and why the price is lower than new car?
Unregistered car is cars import from foreign countries and haven’t register at transportation department (JPJ) because these cars are waiting for its new owner. These cars could be new but at 99% they are all used …

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What is “Kereta Sambung Bayar” and what are the risks of buying these cars?

“Kereta Sambung Bayar” (cars continue to pay or continue to loan the car) has gained more popular in recent years in Malaysia and some other countries. This is because more and more people are unable to pay off their credit card debt, mortgage loan, and some other loans and causing them get blacklisted in central bank. People who are blacklisted or bankrupt are not able to obtain any new or used car loan from bank. Hence, there is “Kereta Sambung Bayar”.
What is actually “Kereta Sambung Bayar” means? It is a …