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Magnetic air car


Magnetic air car is car powered by compressed air technology which means no fuel is required to drive it. The magnetic air car idea is come from a genius J.M. Custer of Piggott, Arkansas in 1932 who invented the carwith four air tanks filled with compressed air powered and make the car run for 500 miles at the speed of 35 mph. What a fantastic invention in the 30’s.

Magnetic air car

Today, a San Jose-based company Magnetic Air Cars Inc is working on the world’s first air car. The air car of 1932 will be reborn with newer technology and engineering.

How magnetic air car works

The easiest way to understand the concept of how the air compressed engine works is to imagine a fully filled up balloon. Use a pin to poke a hole in the balloon’s surface and it will fly around. Isn’t the balloon looks powerful?

Air car replace the gas tank with air tank, where you refill the compressed air tank with air. The car accelerator pedal operates a valve on its tank that control the amount of compressed air to be released into a pipe and then into the engine. The pressure of the air is modulated and converted to torque that propels the piston and make the car runs.


  • Power source is air. How much do you think you need to pay for the air?
  • No gasoline or petrol is required.
  • Environmental friendly and zero pollution because no combustion engine.
  • No cooling system, no ignition system, no fuel system (carburetor or injection) or any fuel related parts, it cost nearly nothing to maintain the car.
  • Very very low maintenance fee. Probably just a maintenance free battery at the cost less than US$80.


  • The cost to build the car is undetermined. It may be expensive to purchase.
  • The safety of the car is a concern. However, the top speed for air car technology today is around 35 mph/ 56 kmh.
  • The air compressed propelled technology is still new and undetermined.

In conclusion, any cars that able to runs without using gasoline or fuel is what we can expect to see in the near future especially the gasoline on earth is getting lesser. It will definitely bring advantages to our world no matter is electric cars, compressed air car, or magnetic air car.


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